Webview allows patients at HFP to view their test results, request appointments, request refills and send/receive messages without calling the office.

If you have an urgent or serious medical problem or concern, please go to an emergency room or call us at 801-272-4111 for advice.

You can not use Webview unless you have already received a user name and password. You can receive a user name and password only by office staff.


Please be aware of the following before using Webview:

1. The use of Webview is a conditional privilege that can be revoked at any time and without notice.

2. The parts of your records at HFP that are visible via Webview are only a portion of your medical records. A complete copy is available through the HFP medical records department.

3. Your test results will be visible in Webview as soon as they are placed in your chart at HFP and before your provider has time to interpret them. Please be aware that there is a 5-business-day turn around time for your provider to provide an interpretation of your test results, although significantly abnormal test results are handled on a more urgent basis, as is deemed appropriate by your provider.

4. There is a 2-business-day turn-around time for your messages, appointment requests and prescription refills requests to be answered.

5. Sending more than one message requesting the same action from any provider or department at HFP within a 2-business-day period will result in termination of Webview privileges.

6. Webview does not allow individual communication with providers and employees at HFP.

CLICK HERE to go to Webview.